Dedicated to quality pet care

My Active Pet was founded by Rachel Tweedle MRCVS, a qualified veterinary surgeon with 15 years’ experience plus further training in acupuncture and pet rehabilitation - with a particular interest in canine arthritis management.

We will always have your pet’s wellbeing at heart

At My Active Pet our focus is on pet rehabilitation and our aim is to keep pets happy, pain free and mobile.

We believe strongly in the ‘whole pet’ approach to veterinary healthcare and understand how injury and illness impact on your pet’s whole body and mind.
We understand the importance of a team approach, working closely with your primary vet and you to get a quicker and better recovery for your pet.
We offer practical solutions to make home life as comfortable and stress free as possible.
We are committed to quality care with up to date treatment options tailored to your pet.

Whatever the challenge, we get results.

We approach our treatment from four angles

1. Fitness and Preventative care (PREHAB)

We look at stance, gait, body condition, muscle quality, joint movement and assess areas of weakness or pain to help get your pet into the best shape possible and reduce the risk of injury.

2. Recovery from injury or illness

Appropriate rehabilitation is now recognised as an essential part of your pet's recovery from many injuries and will give them the best chance of a quick and complete recovery.

3. Chronic disease management and elderly pet care

Older pets and those with long term illnesses are often less active and less able to do the same activities as before. We can help maintain their activity levels and help to improve their quality of life.

4. Pain management

A multi-faceted approach to pain management is seen as best practice and at My Active Pet we can offer a range of services to help manage your pets pain in the short and long term.

“My cat Garvey was put on a strict diet to help him manage his weight. Rachel's support has been crucial to improving Garvey's health and mobility.”
Jennifer Sowerby | Bath
“Rachel’s veterinary knowledge and treatments are second to none - I thank her, wholeheartedly, for the help she has given to my animals over the years.”
Teresa Tanner | Wanstrow
“Rachel is not only first class in her field but also exceptionally kind and caring. Our dogs would always queue up in a line to greet her on arrival!”
Carol Reeves | Chalfield nr Holt