How can we help your pet?

My Active Pet offers a complete cycle of care from treatment of acute pain and injury to formation of a lifestyle treatment plan to care for your pet in the longer term.

Each Pet is an individual

Although many conditions share the same causes and treatment options, when it comes to rehabilitation every animal’s body reacts differently to injury. We also need to consider differences in breed, age, concurrent injury or illness and lifestyle. That’s why we develop a tailor-made rehabilitation programme specific to your pet and it’s needs.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation will restore your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing after injury, illness or disease. It is as important in ongoing chronic conditions as it is in short term injuries. At My Active Pet we have in-depth knowledge of rehabilitation. We can offer specific treatment options to suit your pet’s needs and work alongside your vet to help reduce pain, treat tissue injury and improve recovery. Physiotherapy forms the backbone of rehabilitation and through movement, exercise, education and advice your pet can benefit from physiotherapy at any stage of their life.

Treatment options

At My Active Pet we can offer a range of services. A successful outcome is more likely with treatment started straight away and it can also help to start some treatments before any anticipated surgery.

Canine massage & joint movement
Laser therapy
Balance & body awareness exercises
Strength & endurance training
Core stability training
Resistance work

Whatever the challenge, we get results.

What to expect from your home visit

During the initial home visit we will undertake a full examination of your pet and talk to you about your concerns and wishes for them. An individual treatment plan will be formulated and started.
At each subsequent visit we will assess your pet’s progress, set our goals and re-evaluate our treatment plan.
A home exercise programme will be drawn up so that you can continue to help your pet in between our visits.
The initial visit lasts approximately 1 hour and subsequent visit times will vary depending on the treatment plan and your pet’s progress. We can offer evening and weekend visits to fit in with a time that suits you.
Often more frequent visits are needed to begin with to get that initial improvement and recovery. Once we are happy with your pet’s progress we can increase the time between our sessions to help keep your pet happy and active in the long term.